Valentine’s Cheesecake Wafers


Such a cute and fun Valentine’s Day treat that you can make with your little ones. These Strawberry Cheesecake Wafers are so much fun and can be personalized just the way that you like them! Add a little pizzazz with sprinkles or even draw silly faces with icing. This yummy snack for Valentine’s Day is easy and won’t break the budget!


Items Needed:

– strawberry wafers

– cheesecake almond bark

– sprinkles

You can also make your own cheesecake almond bark by mixing 1 package of white chocolate almond bark with 2-3 tablespoons of cream cheese or using a flavored cheesecake oil (found on Amazon).



Melt almond bark until smooth.

Dip strawberry wafers into melted chocolates.

Cover with sprinkles.

Allow to harden and serve

(if you do the make your own route wafers will need to go into the freezer to set – about 20 minutes)


These are so simple and creative! I hope that you have just as much fun enjoying them as you do making them to make a quick Valentine’s Day treat!


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