Valentine’s Day Pretzels

I have another seriously simple Valentine’s Day treat that you can make with the kids! Remember the Valentine’s Cheesecake Wafers that I shared before? These are just as yummy and will definitely make eating pretzels super fun!
I love things that you can make that only require a few different ingredients. For this one all you need is three ingredients!
Items Needed:
Pretzel Rods
Wilton Candy Melts (light pink)
Wax Paper
In a microwave melt the candy melts in a glass dish. Start with a minute, stir. If not melted smooth after 1 minute repeat in 30 second intervals.
In the melted candy wafers dip the tops of your pretzel rods. Tap off any excess and set on a sheet of wax paper to harden.
Add sprinkles before chocolate hardens.
It’s as simple as that and you will be enjoying some Valentine’s Day Pretzels before you know it!

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