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We’ve all heard of the “K.I.S.S. Method”, which is usually general advice to help you make better business decisions. These methods usually help to keep you guided on the path to not over complicate things – and stay laser focused on what you goal is. And while “K.I.S.S.” usually means “Keep it Simple Stupid” – in this article, we are going to slightly adjust its meaning.

K.I.S.S. – “Keep it a Simple Site” is a great way to approach setting up your blog to help skyrocket the traffic and the revenue you can generate from it. This article will help to cover the 5 basic tips you need to “K.I.S.S.” and successfully generate traffic and revenue.

Many times, people try to over complicate things when attempting to setup their blogs. Usually this occurs when you install too many plugins, or they may be misconfigured – and your content is not optimized the way it should be. Without a clear direction of what your intent is, your chances of making your blog successful diminish quickly. Using these 5 simple tips will help you to not only gain traffic, but generate the revenue you’re looking to create.


Once you’ve installed your WordPress blog by uploading your files and connecting the database, it’s best to then use the “K.I.S.S. Method” to help you succeed. The first step of the K.I.S.S. Method is to use the advantages of what WordPress has to offer. Out of the box, WordPress has been developed to be a CMS (content management system) that is powerful, easy to use, and effective. Where it loses its effectiveness is when people over complicate things, by adding a theme that may not be well optimized for search engine traffic. This brings us to our first point of the “K.I.S.S. Method”.

  • Keep your theme basic – By keeping your theme basic and not installing a theme that doesn’t help you to your fullest potential only makes it difficult for a search engine spider to index your content. Take a basic theme that is well designed and has your “Web 2.0” feel – and simply change out maybe the logo, and some of the footer information. But that’s all that needs to be done in order to make it effective. Remember, WordPress is powerful to begin with – coupled with a great basic theme, it only adds to the possibility of your success.

The next step to help add to your success of setting up your blog is its content. Content is very important – because it’s what is going to help bring in your traffic to your site. Think of your content like your favorite band. When your favorite band comes to town – you would buy tickets to attend the event. The band is the content – and you are the traffic to your blog.

So by using that analogy, you can clearly understand why content is key. Keeping your content focused on what you intend your site to be about – such as helpful tips, or dog training, etc., will help you to gain interested traffic that you need. This brings us to the next point in this article of how to successfully use the “K.I.S.S. Method”

  • Optimized content – When adding your content to your site, there’s a basic principal to understand. Again – not over complicating things, your friends at Google (the spider) likes to find your content well structured. Usually they like to find your article to have your “keyword or keyword phrase” a total of 5 to 8 times on the page. And out of those 5 to 8 times, at least 3 of those should have “emphasis”. Notice how the word emphasis is different than the rest of the content in this article? That is the best approach to get the spider to notice your content. When adding your content, be sure that your keywords stick out from the rest of the page. The spider(s) will think that these words are important – and when your page is indexed, these are the keywords that it will use to help bring your page to the top of the engine when people search.


The next step to help improve your blog and generate the desired revenue is to install and simple statistics plugin in your blog. By keeping the plugins to a minimum, you are not destroying the chances of spiders finding your site because of poorly developed plugins. Keeping the plugins to a minimum helps to not confuse the spider within the code of your website. So that brings us to the next important step within the “K.I.S.S. Method”:

  • Simple Stats – Loading a simple stats plugin to your WordPress admin area will help you to determine how people are finding your site. These keywords are important to your success because you will utilize them in a way that is not traditional to standard SEO practices. This is probably the most essential key to your blog’s success. Once you have installed the plugin, and added and optimized your content and have traffic to your blog, the key to this section is to use the “bottom 3” keywords that are generating traffic. If you have a blog about dogs, and the keyword of “dogs” is generating traffic for you – but the keywords of maybe “injured dogs” is only being found just a few times a month. That is where you want to add content about “injured dogs”. Reversing the content approach is vital to your success because it will allow you to add more articles based on what your visitors are looking for.




Once you’ve followed the first 3 steps to “K.I.S.S” the next thing that is important is to let people know about your fresh content. While spiders will do their part by coming back to your site on a regular basis because your content has updated, there’s another simple method that will help you to generate traffic to your blog. Which brings us to the 4th important key in the “K.I.S.S.” approach.

  • Content Submission – Another important thing to do when using this method is to let people know you have content on your blog. You could have the best blog on the internet, but if no one knows about it – it doesn’t do you any good to generating revenue. So there’s a simple way to let people know you’ve added content. If you Google “blog ping services”, you will find quite a few sites that you can use to your advantage. By utilizing one of these site you can let the different engines know that you have more content available, but on some sites – when you do a ping request, it also will list it to directory style sites. These are sites that people visit to see fresh content that is being submitted. Think of these sites like an “immediate notification” for your potential users. Your potential traffic will begin to come from these types of sites as well as search engine traffic (organic traffic).


And finally – the last step to “K.I.S.S” is the proper linking structure within your site. There are generally two types of links you will want to add to your optimized content. The last step will cover those steps for you.

  • Linking – The first type of links that you would want to add is the links that are direct links to other articles within your blog. For example, if your article is about “dogs”, and you have a second article about “injured dogs” – somewhere within your article about “dogs” you would want to make your keyword a direct link to your “injured dogs” article. This will help to assure that the spiders follow your links from one article to another throughout your blog. It’s also a good point to note that your link should also use a “title tag” for the link. Those title tags are picked up by the search engines as well, and are recognized as keywords.

    The second type of linking that you would want to use is your affiliate links. Within those articles that you write, those keywords can also link to your Amazon products using your affiliate link, or your Share-A-Sale account, etc.. These are what will help you to generate the revenue from the traffic that visits your site.

That’s it! That’s all it takes to get your site to be successful and generate the traffic and revenue desired. Remember, don’t over complicate things – and “Keep it a Simple Site”.


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