5 Signs You Chose The Wrong Blog Niche

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Signs You Chose the Wrong Blog Niche

Your blog is ready to go and content is being created, you spend hours upon hours writing unique, relevant content for your blog and then it dawns on you – maybe you have chosen the wrong blog niche. Have you by chance chosen a blog niche that isn’t quite as popular as it seemed to be when you first thought it up? There are no comments; you are not gaining much traffic, what in the world is going on?! Here are the warning signs that you chose the wrong blog niche.

  • Less than 1% of your visitors are Commenting – if you are finding that traffic is doing well but no one is commenting, you may have chosen the wrong blog niche. With that being said, comments seem to be a dying trend, many bloggers have started to turn off comments on their blogs because no one seems to take the time to comment on a blog post unless it is controversial or one of those jaw dropping topics.
  • Content is far Left then far Right – no I am not talking about politics here, you find that your content is from one side of the trails to the next. For example, one day you are writing about how to start making money with a blog and the next time you publish content for fitness gurus – if your topics are so left then right in subject matter then you are not appealing to the masses. One set of readers may enjoy the first topic while the next time you are boring them to death.
  • You are alone in Serving your Audience– you have chosen a niche that is so unique that you are unable to find a community of other like-minded bloggers which diminishes your chances for building a community of supportive friendships and readers. While you don’t want to copy anyone else in forms of content, choosing a niche that is wildly popular will due you more justice in the long run.
  • You don’t identity with a particular label – in case you haven’t noticed many bloggers have identified themselves with a label; mom blogger, craft blogger, finance blogger, DIY blogger, you see each of these labels will engage a large community of other bloggers as well as the average person living in the world. You are slowly realizing that you don’t have a label to identify with which is killing your blog stats.
  • Monthly Searches in Google Keyword Tools are lower than 10k – you have come to realize that your keywords and niche topic is not something that has at least 10K searches a month in Google Search Engines. This is bad, really bad! Keywords are what will help gain you more visitors and if you are writing about a topic that has only a handful of searches monthly, consider that you have chosen the wrong blog niche.

There are many signs that you have chosen the wrong blog niche and it can be quite disappointing to find out after all this time and all this hard work that your niche is simply a dying breed. Do not get discouraged, starting a new blog or rebranding your current one is something all of the great bloggers do from time to time. Just as you would with a business plan, changing the brand behind your blog is simply a small step in growth for your blog business.

Once you realize that you have chosen the wrong blog niche, you can start to do some research and determine what niche you want to rebrand to. You may also just start a whole new blog site that is completely up to you! The best tips to start a new blog or rebrand yourself is to do the following:

  • Do keyword research using Google Keyword Planner – see if there are a large number of monthly searches with low to medium competition rate.
  • Do community research based on the niche you may switch to – see if there is a large demand for this topic or not.
  • Do research ways to keep template simple – many will suggest you have a pretty blog theme and multiple plugins installed, keep it simple to gain more from SEO.

The choice is yours, even if you have found out that your blog niche is not super popular and is the wrong niche to write about, you can continue to work your butt off and see where it leads. If you are blogging to make revenue, then you will want to review the above signs that you chose the wrong blog niche and rebrand as a means to produce the highest volume of revenue possible.



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